Department of Information Technology


Prof. R.S.Bhalerao(Asst. Professor), HOD

M. E (Computer Engineering)


The department of Information Technology envisions to commissionaire and develops technically competent and skilled intellectual IT professionals especially from the rural area of Maharashtra to address the expectations of the society�s present and future needs and to serve and lead the nation.


1. To mould the students into innovative and high quality IT professionals to meet the global challenges.

2. To achieve effective interaction between industry and institution for mutual benefits.

3. To provide technical solutions in the field of Information Technology to the local society.

4.To provide an atmosphere for students and faculty for continuous learning to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.

5. To promote awareness of entrepreneurship among the students.

HOD Desk's

The Department of Information Technology was started in the year 2009. After suffering a global economic downturn, the IT and software industry have shown positive signs of recovery, which has necessitated the future planning of Educators / trainers in computer education.

The department of Information Technology started with an intake of 60. There has been corresponding increase in the staff size over the last few years filling critical needs in the introductory course, communication, advancement, technical support for research. Through excellence in research, teaching and service our dedicated faculties have distinguished in the core areas of Computer and in multi- disciplinary areas.

The students get opportunities to excel in their academic achievements. The future holds many challenges. Apart from the regular curriculum the department strives to develop the students into intellectual prodigy. The state of art laboratories facilitate the students to undergo Programming lab, Software Lab, Graphics Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Networks Lab, Operating System Lab, etc. with zeal and charm.

The architecture of the computers that we deal with every day is changing- multi-core processor replacing the single CPU / single core desktop. The department arranges various value added courses like .NET, JAVA, DB2 etc., for the students so that they compete with the outside world. The department started various technical and non-technical events are conducted. Events such as Seminars, Paper presentation, Debate, Group Discussion nurture the technical thirst and inbuilt competitive spirit.

For the students to enhance their knowledge project is implemented in the curriculum. Projects of national and global importance in science and engineering seek Information Technology as an essential means of advancement and service. Our faculty and staff members work tirelessly to provide flexible, attractive and relevant education to generate the workforce capable of meeting these varied challenges.

With these preface I am sure and confident that the students of the department will imbibe these and work hard to excel.

We welcome you to browse the department website, whether you are a student, parent, alum, a corporate partner, or a colleague, we want to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions will help us to move next level and provide us with encouragement and excellence.